Tiny Shanty’s Final Weekend and Tiny Burn

The final weekend was a busy one for us Tiny Shantiers. We had many guests in our shanty, creating an abundance of tiny art for us to display. Out of town visitors brought in some new energy and excitement. We were able to show them the world we’ve created and the town on ice we’ve been sharing for the last month.

We had another tiny birthday party, with tiny birthday cake filled with googely-eyes.

birthday girl
Photo by Starfive

We had a Tiny Watlz Extravaganza, complete with tiny dance cards. Each waltz lasted 30-40 seconds. Last minute guests joined in and danced, even without tiny dance cards. Our shanty was filled with wonderful chaos.

Photo by Rubin

To close the weekend, we had our Tiny Fire Arts Festival. I, Cali Mastny, spent many hours inhaling fumes and gluing my fingers together, to create Tiny Paul Bunyan. He stood just over 2 feet tall.

tiny paul bunyan
Photo by Starfive

We were lucky to have the creator of Balsa Man was in town for our tiny regional burn. Just before the burn started, we were awarded a tiny check for $20 from Balsa Man creator Colin Fahrion.

Photo by Rubin

We filled the lumberjack with lots of tiny fireworks. Tiny matchstick men, courtesy of Felix, took their place around Paul Bunyan, ready to burn.

Photo by Strangepuppy

The festivities started with a Tiny Fire Conclave with tiny poi and staffs, along with some tiny drums.

tiny fire conclave
Photo by Starfive

Then the little lumberjack’s fireworks were lit. He went up rather quickly! A tiny burn indeed!

Photo by Rubin

Photo by Rubin

After Paul burned, it was time for the tiny temple: Temple of Modest Abilities, by David JustOK.

tiny temple
Photo by Starfive

temple burn
Photo by Starfive

Then a much more uplifting burn: Tiny Dangles by Rock Candy.

tiny dangles
Photo by Starfive

And to round out the evening: Scornicorn, by Rubin.

Photo by Starfive

A burn report from the Balsa Man Blog, complete with video!

A wonderful end to a month filled with tiny things. Thanks to everyone who encouraged, visited, contributed to helping make our tiny dream come true.


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