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Tiny Shanty is on the ice!

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day, a perfect day for moving a shanty. We moved most of Tiny Shanty out to the ice, and set it up with out too much trouble. Our structure came apart and went back together the way we planned. Thanks to everyone who helped, we couldn’t have done it without you!

We’ve been spending the last few days putting the finishing touches and gathering materials to make it the best tiny mansion ever.

Art Shanty Projects opens this weekend! We’ll be open this Saturday and Sunday from 10am – 5pm, as well as the following 3 weekends. Come visit us!


Work Weekend

We’ll be working on Tiny Shanty this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. If you want to be a part of the fun, email us at for details.

Tiny Gigantic Mansion On The Ice (The Song)

Tiny Shanty apparently has a theme song courtesy of some fans who we suspect may be named Martin & Gwen. It is awesome. Listen.

Tiny Gigantic Mansion On The Ice

Fundraiser or Fun-raiser?

Our fundraiser was successful at raising money and raising fun! Thanks to everyone who stopped by. Because of your donations, we will be able to make this shanty project happen. We had a fun night filled with many wonderful things, including: musical chairs, giant sock puppet show, hug deli, mustache booth, tasty cupcakes and giant movies. And of course, a great assortment of people to socialize with. If you didn’t manage to make it, you should probably feel a little sad to have missed out.

If you still want to donate money, feel free to use the donate button. If you want to donate items or help us build, please contact us at

Check out some great photos of our event!

Donating to our GIANT donation box

Hug Deli, with Monster Hug Worker
monster hugger

Mustache Booth, with Inky the Mustache-Maker
inky, the mustache-maker

Giant Sock Puppet Show
giant sock puppets

Giant Cupcakes, Prizes for Musical Chairs
giant cupcakes



Tiny Shanty Has Twitter!

It looks like the shanty has a twitter account. Who knew shanties could twitter? Well.. if you want to find out what it has to say, follow away!

Build Start

We officially started building our shanty yesterday! We are working in the Soap Factory. It’s really great to have a space available for us to use. Less great is the lack of heat and bathrooms, but we have portable heaters and there’s a coffee shop down the street. Oh.. and we’re tough.

Also.. we’ve got skills. We accomplished our goal for yesterday, which was to put together our floor. It’s 3 sections of 4′ x 8′ OSB. Each section has 3 skis made out of 2″x6″ boards. That way, just in case we have to move it on ice, we can push it. Hopefully. With enough help.

Some photos HERE!

it's got skis!

floor sections built!

GIGANTIC fundraiser

Come see what Tiny Shanty is all about and help us make it a reality!



Please donate in person if you can, otherwise donate here:


tarps- for storing over winter