3rd weekend report

tiny shanty

It was a lovely weekend on medicine lake. The cooler weather was good for the ice and allowed us to have a cozy fire without it getting too warm in our shanty. Unfortuantely the previous melting caused a bit of an ice-rink in our front yard. Visitors were undaunted and joined us for tiny tea and art making.

We made a few home improvements this weekend, including:

A Tiny Shanty Sign:
tiny shanty sign

A Tiny Mailbox:
tiny mailbox

Our Tiny Shanty Family Portrait:
family portrait

Also I managed to take a Staycation and plant our Tiny Shanty Flag in Egypt!

planting a flag in egypt

And we received a wonderful present from Shop Shanty! A tiny portrait of our Tiny Shanty! So cute and wonderful! Thanks Shop Shanty!

tiny gift from shop shanty

More of my photos from weekend 3


1 Response to “3rd weekend report”

  1. 1 Cheryl(Mom) Raleigh February 8, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Nice family portrait. The mailbox and sign were also a nice touch. I have enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about the activities at the Tiny Shanty.
    Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

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