wet wet weekend

tiny shanty, in-lake property

Upper 30s + frozen lake + rain = need for galoshes.

The unseasonably warm and suddenly rainy weather has made this a wet shanty weekend. Last weekend was so sunny and warm and beautiful.. sadly warm is not what we really want when we are on a frozen lake. Not for too long, at least.

Saturday it was wet, but managable. We had a tiny birthday party for Rachel, one of the ts crew.. complete with tiny 3-tiered cake!

rachel & her tiny birthday cake

By Sunday, the road around the shantytown had turned to a river, complete with current.

river around the shanties

Many of the shanties had leaks and most are in standing water and slush Luckily people built them on skis, so i think most of the water stayed outside. Tomorrow we have to put our shanty up on blocks to keep the skis out of the water when it freezes tommorrow night.

art shanties in water

Tiny Shanty stayed warm and dry inside. Well, the floor was still wet, but we had a mop to keep it from getting too out of hand. There were many lovely visitors to keep us company and create tiny works of art and literature.

joe & beth working on the tiny book of short stories

Not nearly as many people out as the first weekend, but still many more than I would have expected. We ended the day with a tiny dance party with tiny movies playing in the background. Not at all a bad way to spend a grey rainy sunday in January.


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